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10 Weeks With Our Girl

It’s been ten weeks since Destini Moriah was born! She’s been eating and sleeping good. We’ve had a few rough nights with colic and upset stomach but other than that it’s been good. I haven’t felt super exhausted most of the time. 
She’s gained 5 pounds and grown 5 inches in the weeks since her birth. At two weeks old we got her newborn portraits done. At four weeks we got to visit Pa and Ma in North Carolina for Ma’s birthday. It was a random spur of the moment trip. She got to meet most of her great-aunts, great-uncles, uncles, cousins and her great-grandparents. Both great-grandmothers took her from me without saying a word to me…they did after a minute or two. 


Month 2

Weight: 11 lbs
Height: 22 in

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: TBD still. Mostly gray or blue.

Milestones: I can focus and smile at people, recognize Mommy and Daddy at a distance, move my arms and legs better, I have started becoming bored, and I am still learning to take a bottle and paci.

Favorites: I love my fists, sleeping in bed with Mommy and Daddy and lights.

Dislikes: I hate the hiccups and tummy aches! 😡

Big Events: Mommy’s birthday! I met great-Grandma Klump



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