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Journey: Week 37!!


Week 37 started out like every other week: Normal. On Sunday though I started having contractions or possibly Braxton Hicks really bad for like 6 hours and so my parents and two youngest siblings headed up. No baby came that day nor did she come Monday like I wanted her to even though my mom had me walking around the mall and Walmart for quite a while and wouldn’t let me sit down! A friend brought over a yoga ball for me to bounce on that night and still no baby.

Tuesday went by mostly with more walking and birthing/yoga ball use and I didn’t really feel that baby was any closer to coming. Until about 8:15 that night anyway. My water broke at that time. Luckily I was going to the bathroom so I didn’t make a mess anywhere! It wasn’t the greatest timing though as my dad had just gotten in the shower and my mom was on the phone trying to book a cruise! We headed to the hospital about 8:45.

We went to triage for about 10-20 minutes (I wasn’t timing it) while they got a room ready for us. I was Group Strep B positive so I was put on Penicillin via IV and also had IV pain meds. I refused an epidural. The pain meds made me drowsy and as a result I was in and out of sleep pretty much the whole 5 hour labor. I am soooo thankful for my mom and husband who were helping me through it. My mom was pretty much making sure I breathed so baby would have oxygen as I have a tendency to stop breathing while in pain…apparently. Jeff was my focal point to concentrate on (after a failed attempt at making a picture of my sister the focal point) and he was precious. I didn’t break any of his fingers either. He would let me hold/squeeze two for a while and then switch.

Skipping all the other details that don’t need to be said our little girl was born at 1:48 a.m March 2, 2016 weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces (though she didn’t feel that big at all) and measuring 19 1/2 inches! I went silent once she came out and they laid her on my chest. Her jet black hair kinda shocked me plus the relief of having her out and here silenced me. She didn’t cry at first so they were going to take her to put her in the incubator but she cried as they took her from me so I got her back.

After our “golden hour” of us and her my parents and M&M came in to see and hold her. While I didn’t have her I got up to get cleaned and so the nurses could change the sheets on the bed. While in the bathroom with my nurse Maggie I blacked out (apparently twice) and woke up to a room full of nurses with one waving something under my nose to wake me up and my husband standing in the doorway. They got me onto this chair thing and back into the bed. My family looked kinda freaked out when I came out of the bathroom. Skipping over all the visits and stuff we were discharged on Friday morning (what would’ve been week 38) to go home.

Thank you all for the prayers and please continue them as we are adjusting to parenthood and having our little girl out in the world! Pray for Destini as well as she is still a little jaundice.












Destini and Aunt Cay
Destini and Aunt Cay


Ma and Destini
Ma and Destini

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