Journey: Week 34-36

  Week 34 wasn’t very eventful just more resting and appointments.

Week 35 was more eventful only because I didn’t have to go to the doctor twice– so I guess it was actually less eventful. Fluid is good so resting is working. Told not to do much different but that I could get up a little more. 

2.15 appointment stats:

Weight measured at 5.10

8/8 on the BPP. Still doing good and passing the tests.

Heart rate of 145


Week 36 started with getting the furniture for the nursery and setting up the room! My mother-, father- and brother-in-law came to help. 

2.23 appointment stats:

8/8 on BPP

Weight measured at 6 pounds

Heart rate of 135ish

Cervix dilated to 3cm and 90% effaced–could go any day…hopefully Monday and not later. 

Planning to walk on Sunday to try to help her come. 



Continue to pray she stays in until the 29th!


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