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Journey: Why I Want Her Born No Earlier Than Feb. 29th

Feb 29th Romaine Heart

Because Destini is likely to be born early I wanted to give the reasons I want her to wait until February 29th at least. Most of the reasons are selfish and kinda minor-ly lame! Other than the obvious reason of her growing and being more developed I want her born on February 29th or later because:

  1. I’ll be 37 1/2-ish weeks by then so I’ll technically be to term (I think).
  2. February 29th is the coolest birthday ever!
  3. There are less birthdays in the family in March (only about 3 on both sides.)
  4. I don’t want her to share a birthday with a family member in January or February.
  5. I’d rather not have to visit my baby in the hospital every day until she can come home and pay for the NICU and all that comes with having a preemie.
  6. I want her to be able to breastfeed which may be difficult depending on her size (that’s if she’s willing to anyway).
  7. My parents are really busy until that time (and flights are outrageously expensive!) and I want them to be at the birth or arrive shortly after (I prefer at–meaning at the hospital) but hopefully I won’t have a long labor, though if she comes early or I have to be induced I highly doubt I will.

Being a preemie myself I am not too concerned about her having lung problems or something like that; they can assist with that in the NICU.  It’s mainly brain problems or something like that that I am concerned about. March of Dimes has a lot of info on premature birth and complications that come along with it. I trust God. He will not give us anything we can’t handle and she will be born when He says.


  1. That she stays in until AT LEAST week 34-36.
  2. I won’t have to be induced for complications or danger.
  3. A C-section won’t happen. I already have one tummy scar.
  4. I can take the labor without getting a spinal or epidural.
  5. My parents can make it in time whenever she does come.

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