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Journey: What’s A BPP?

Since I will be having a lot of these in the coming weeks I thought I would make a post about it so everyone will know what it is.

A BPP, or biophysical profile, is a prenatal test to check on baby’s well-being. According to the Mayo Clinic:

The test combines fetal heart rate monitoring (non-stress test) and fetal ultrasound. During a biophysical profile, a baby’s heart rate, breathing, movements, muscle tone and amniotic fluid level are evaluated and given a score.

Typically, a biophysical profile is recommended for women at risk of pregnancy loss. The test is usually done after week 32 of pregnancy, but can be done when your pregnancy is far enough along for delivery to be considered — usually after week 24. A low score on a biophysical profile might indicate that you and your baby need further monitoring or special care. In some cases, early or immediate delivery might be recommended.

A biophysical profile is a noninvasive test that doesn’t pose any physical risks to you or your baby. However, it’s not always clear that a biophysical profile can help promote a baby’s health.

I have to get a BPP twice a week (once with a Dr’s visit and one without) until I deliver because I have low amniotic fluid volume (oligohydramnios) and they want to monitor that and Destini’s health. She passed the first one I assume since they let me leave. It took about 30 minutes to complete the first time, I got to have a juice box because she was asleep and we needed to wake her up so the ultrasound tech could check her breathing and movement. She started moving a lot when I was making my next few appointments, but she did move a little for the ultrasonographer.

Pray for safety on the roads as I will be making the 20 minute drive twice a week to the office as well as good results from the tests. We still want her to “bake” a little bit longer, at least until week 35 or 36. I doubt I will make it all the way to 40 weeks. I still want her born February 29th which is 37 1/2 weeks or more but if that doesn’t happen and she comes early I will deal with it. Thank you all again for the prayers and support.


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