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Journey: 31 Weeks!

At 31 weeks Destini is the size of a pineapple (according to Baby Pics App) and a few other things according to Ovia and Glow:

The start of week 31 didn’t go that great. I had abdominal pain since Tuesday so I finally went to the hospital and found out I have a very thin cervix (.6cm) so they admitted me and monitored me overnight for contractions. I had an IV in my arm all night Friday and most of Saturday and had to take my monitor with me every time I had to go to the bathroom which was annoying!

 I had no contractions except when I got up to go to the bathroom and maybe a few others randomly. Destini “looked great” every time they monitored her so they sent me home Saturday night on rest and light activity. If I deliver before 32 weeks I have to go to a different hospital because they have a better nursery, so I am praying I make it at least until this weekend! I am really praying she makes it until February 29 at the least. Please, pray with me for these things! 
Being a “superpreemie” myself I am not overly concerned with her coming early, I just don’t want her to come way early. A plus to her coming early is that we get to see her earlier and she’s smaller so labor may be easier but I would still rather wait. They did give me Betamethasone to help her lungs form in case she does come early. The shots hurt for a little bit but not that bad.

Continue to pray she stays in and that nothing else happens that I have to go to the hospital for until I deliver! We have Labor Express class tomorrow night and I have a doctor appointment Thursday. They’re just going to watch me carefully from now on. I need to make it at least six more weeks!

^^Ready for the first church service we are going to this year. (1.17)


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