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Journey: Christmas and Since! 30 Weeks!




We are now at 30! Well now almost 31! Only 9 more weeks (at the most I hope) until we meet little Destini!  🙂 It has been great, we had a great time with family and friends over Christmas and New Year’s though after that hasn’t been that great. Hubby was sick the entire first week of the year and I am now starting to feel Braxton Hicks and possible dehydration so more water for me! Which means more trips to the bathroom! Yay!


IMG_6119 IMG_6125

IMG_6126 IMG_6132

We stayed here for Christmas with his family this year. We had a different Christmas Eve get together as his grandmother had some activities planned that were not part of the normal evening. It went better than expected though I wasn’t feeling very well so I pretty much sat in the recliner all evening. 🙂

We opened the presents that had been piled up from my family when we got home from the Christmas with his dad’s family and Destini got more than we did!

We had to skip Christmas with his mom’s family as I still wasn’t feeling good that day, so we had a really laid back Christmas. Christmas was the day I officially entered the third trimester!!

I got in a car accident the Monday following Christmas and thankfully wasn’t hurt and friends who were visiting from NC were right behind me so they stopped and stayed with me. Had to go to the hospital for the second time, the first was a few weeks before when I had a leaking problem (TMI), and everything was fine both times. We did get another ultrasound!








I failed the first glucose test and had to go in for the 3 hour follow-up Glucose Intolerance test the next day (after the wreck) and, again, thankfully the visiting friend went with me to keep me company. It wasn’t too bad. And I passed! No gestational diabetes! Praise the Lord!

New Year’s Eve Stone Soup:

IMG_6174 IMG_6188

IMG_6189 IMG_6190

We attended the annual stone soup party at my in-law’s house. I burnt my tongue of course, but not on the soup that’s cooked in a kettle over a fire– on the hot chocolate! We had a good time of fellowship.





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