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Gender Reveal Photo Ideas

We are having a gender reveal baby shower in a couple of weeks when we visit my family for Thanksgiving and I have a good friend that’s going to take some gender reveal/maternity photos beforehand and can’t decide on which ones I like best…here are ones I found on Pinterest:

Since it took us a while to conceive I really like this one as just a maternity shot.


I love this idea!
Love the bubble gum!


Since we are from two different states I love this one…but can’t find where to get the shirt.
Loved a lot of these ideas my faves are below…they had some that I already pictured above
Using the sonogram picture!
Who doesn’t love baby shoes??
Love the sash/ribbon idea
We used chalkboard in our wedding (at the dessert and “Candi” bar) and in our pregnancy reveal photos so I would like to use them in our gender photos too perhaps
We had parasols in both our wedding and pregnancy pics as well and would like to keep that going with the gender reveal
Like the scrabble pieces or blocks


Which ones are your favorite? Are there any I haven’t pictured that you like? Let me know! The pics will be in a week and a half!


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