Pregnancy Journey: 4-19 Weeks


We finally achieved pregnancy after 20 long months! It may not have been my timing but it was God’s! I am now 19 weeks pregnant– almost halfway there!! Little baby is doing good, heartbeat has been strong the entire time and we got to find out the gender last week! I will wait to post it on here until after we have the gender reveal/baby shower at home with my family after Thanksgiving.


It has been a great pregnancy so far. Zero morning sickness! I’ve had to pee constantly and had more of an appetite though! My boobs have gotten a lot bigger as well, which isn’t bad sometimes. Nasal congestion has been a problem though it always is in the fall and spring, but it’s accompanied by chest congestion now. Heartburn/acid reflux comes and goes. People keep telling me how lucky I am to not be sick and I am thankful that I haven’t been. I had stomach pain at first and then the congestion/cold but it’s worth it and nothing like morning sickness I’m sure. My zipper (scar across my stomach) hasn’t even hurt much! Praise the Lord for that as I was concerned about that. We will have to see how it does the bigger I get.


I first started feeling baby around week 15/16 as just a little vibration in my stomach and felt a kick for the first time (as well as saw it) at 17 1/2 weeks! J had just gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom so he missed it! IMG_5307

babymoser-6845 (2)


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